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        The number 11 shirt of Chelsea used to be Didier Drogba and Pedro, and it will be taken over by new players Werner in the new season. After the rise of the blue army, Drogba is the strongest and most magical striker. I hope Vilna can do the same. Among the other new arrivals, zieh wore the No.22 shirt, Tiago Silva's No.6 shirt, and chilville's No.21 shirt. The heaviest player, jaffers, opted for the No. 29 shirt, which is also due to the number he would like to get, so team mate Tommy let it out, and the latter may be loaned to Everton for training in the new season.

        The Shanghai stock index continued to adjust, closing down 0.33% to close at 3341.55. The market volume continued to shrink, with a total turnover of 468.4 billion yuan. The industry sector generally fell, while the real estate sector suffered a heavy setback, leading the two cities down; defense sectors such as medicine and wine showed strong performance.

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